Serious about your dancing? - Want to make it cost less?

These Admit Ones are valid for the Ceroc Vision, Ipswich, Sudbury and Marks Tey Venues only!

If you are a frequent dancer with Ceroc Vision and want to take the edge off the cost of your dancing you can take advantage of what are known, in the Ceroc world, as 'Admit Ones'. These are packs of 10 Entries which can be used at Regular Classes. Whereas the Standard Entry price for a Regular Class is £8 a pack of 10 'Admit Ones' is only £70 saving you £1 per class.

'Admit Ones' are managed through our Membership Database and there are a few conditions attached to using 'Admit Ones':

1. Admit Ones purchased from Ceroc Vision can only be used at Ceroc Vision Events.
2. Admit Ones are issued to an individual Member and cannot be transferred, packs cannot be split between Members.
3. Admit Ones can be bought for another person (as a gift for example) provided you know the recipients Ceroc Membership Number.
4. Admit Ones are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

How can I purchase 'Admit Ones'? - There are 2 ways to buy a pack of 10 'Admit Ones'

At a Venue


On line

You can arrive at a Regular Class night and buy a pack of 10 Admit Ones. In this case the first of the 10 Entries will be at that Class. You will then have 9 'free' Entries available for subsequent Events. Just turn up with your Membership card and the Door Person will know you have a 'free' entry available.

To buy the Admit Ones on the night cash is required, we can't accept credit cards or other payment methods at an Event.



You can purchase a pack of 10 Admit Ones right now by clicking the Buy Now button below. This will take your details then payment via our secure credit card system.

When buying Admit Ones online it may take up to 48 hours to process the transaction and for the 'free' Entries to become available at a Class. It definitely won't be possible to buy and use an Admit One on the same day!

You can buy Admit Ones online in advance of previous Admit Ones all being used.


Want to know how many Admit Ones you have left? Please click here to email our database manager who will reply with how many Admit Ones you have left to use. Note: this only applies to Admit Ones purchased after 01-Aug-2015.