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Think you have two left feet?

We hold regular beginner classes every week at four different venues across Ipswich and Essex.

For more information on classes in Ipswich call Mathew Whitmore on - 07767 145 526

For more information on classes in Colchester call Kieran Moore on - 07789 333 227



We teach the dance, modern jive! Learn to dance with us!
It's fun, easy, a great way to keep fit, great way to socialise and meet people, has no complicated footwork and CEROC is a complete night out!

People from all walks of life dance Ceroc as it is so simple and easy to pick up.
You really can do it!

Ceroc is a very simple form of partner dancing – it’s a little bit like Salsa in look but without the complicated footwork. It’s very easy to learn and great fun to do and is also a very social night out. One of the major benefits of dance is that it is a great form of exercise, so it helps with weight loss and as an aerobic activity, it’s good for your heart and general well being too.

There’s no need to bring a partner as we partner people up at the beginning of the class and then rotate partners every few minutes – so you’ll get to meet lots of new people and it also means that when you want to dance you’ll be able to find a friendly face from the class to dance with when the freestyle starts. Please do participate in the classes and the moving round – as a beginner you may be tempted to want to stay with a friend that you came with, but if they are a beginner too, dancing solely with each other, will hinder your progression. This is because there are people of all levels of ability in the beginners class and dancing with as many people as possible will give you a better understanding of the lead and follow aspect of the dance.  And there really is no age restriction – Ceroc dancers come from all walks of life and we have people as young as 18 and as old as 80 learning to dance, but probably the average age range is 25-50.

For the general classes people normally come casually dressed (people get a little more dressed up for the regular Saturday freestyles) and it’s important that you try and wear footwear that is comfortable, but that also has a leather or suede sole. This is because there are a lot of spins and movement in the dance and if you wear rubber soled shoes like trainers your feet will stick to the floor! This will hinder your dancing and potentially damage your knees – so think footwear first and foremost. To begin with do the best you can and if you get hooked by the dancing bug, as many people are, you can buy specialist dance footwear very easily and relatively cheaply (don't worry, not all dance shoes are minging!)

How does the night run?

The Beginners class starts at 7:30pm 
Beginner Freestyle at 8:15pm
Intermediate Class at 8:30pm
Freestyle & Social Time at 9pm
Close 10:30pm
Table below of our regular class nights:


Foxhall Community Centre, Foxhall Road, Ipswich, IP3 8LS

7:30pm till 10:30pm

Marks Tey Village Hall, London Road, Colchester, CO6 1EN

7:30pm till 10:30pm

Venue77, 77 Fore Hamlet, Ipswich IP3 8AB

7:30pm till 10:30pm











To find your nearest Venue click - here

The beginners class starts at 7:30pm and will last for 45 mins. During this time you will be taught 3 basic moves that follow on from each other and that also link back to the beginning – so you’ll be able to dance the sequence easily over and over again. We also teach each move in isolation first and then add it on, so if you struggle to begin with don’t worry - when we move onto the next move  we will still go back to the beginning when we link them together. At the end of this class we’ll have about 10-15mins of music for you to practice to (we call this ‘freestyle’) and then we stop at 8:30pm ready for the intermediate class that runs from 8:30-9pm. However, during this time as a beginner you’ll have another chance to go through the whole class that’s just been taught with our taxi dancers (experienced dancers that help out during the practice session) in an adjacent room.

After 9pm  we all come back together and we have freestyle dancing from 9-10:30pm where you are free to dance with whoever you want to. People will come up and ask you to dance and you are also free to ask anyone else to dance – and the general etiquette is that you don’t refuse a dance (we have deodarant in the toilets and mints for people to freshen up... so it's all good..). How many dances you have with them in succession, or through the night, is entirely up to you and it is completely acceptable and normal to have just one dance and move on to ask someone else. The music is also very varied so hopefully you’ll find something that you want to dance to from Pop, Dance, Swing, Disco, Soul, R&B, Latin, Blues etc. etc.

Please do try and stay for the freestyle as dancing is all about confidence and that comes from improving your muscle memory – and that can only come from dancing with other people and from going through the moves and learning the process of lead and follow.

Most importantly have fun! You really will be able to dance a few moves even after your first night so just enjoy yourself. If you are worried about dancing with other people to begin with then just sit and have a drink and watch other people dancing, because that’s a great way to learn too.

Hope to see you on the dance floor soon of one of our 4 venues,
Ceroc Vision team!


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