Ceroc hosts workshops at weekends nattily called 'Cerocshops', these Cerocshops range from beginner to advanced. The Cerocshop environment is an excellent way of rapidly improving your dancing, with a maximum of 22 people in each workshop there is also a greater opportunity for personal tuition.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly, and there's no need to bring a partner.

These are 4 hour intensive Cerocshops which will help you either learn Ceroc very quickly if you are a beginner, or improve your dancing if you have been Cerocing for a while.

All our Cerocshops are held at weekends and you need to book in advance.

(See below for this information)


See the Diary Page for upcoming dates and to book

There’s no need to book with a partner (except for the Dips and Drops workshops where Fixed Partners are required – see below).  Workshops are rotated. 

You can book online or at your local Ceroc Fever venue.


A selection of our favourite Leans, Dips & Drops (last workshop sold out well in advance, don't delay, book now!)

From subtle & easy quick-fix leans to sexy seducers and devilishly daring show-stopping drops, this workshop will certainly give your dancing the WOW factor!  We’ll show you how to dip, drop and lean safely with technicality and super stylish top tips. You’ll be the envy on the dancefloor!

Fixed Partners required on this workshop – put the word out at your venue.

Suitable for anyone who is a competent Intermediate dancer with at least 6 months experience. 



SMOOTH & BLUESY - THE ESSENTIALS (last workshop sold out well in advance, don't delay, book now!)

We teach you the art of dancing comfortably to slower music and in close hold

"Help - there's a break in the track and it's slowed dow -what do I do?"  "Crikey - it's a slow track, I can't dance to this"   

Feel familiar?  Our Chill-Out Doctors are here to help!  Whether you’ve never danced Blues before or currently love chill-out zones and just want some excellent Teacher tips, moves and techniques,  we’ll help you gain confidence and style in this relaxed workshop.  

  • Create the connection between you and your partner
  • Easy and comfortable entries into close holds
  • Hit the Breaks
  • Recognise the slow tracks and have an armoury of ideas to play with
  • Smoulder with confidence



Spin, Whoosh, Whizz, Wheeee, Wow, Excitement, Thrills & Spills

Dynamic spins, multiple turns, add variety, highlights, lowlights and momentum to your dancing with this brand new and exciting workshop. 

Leaders you’ll be whipping your partners up into a frenzy with this set of dynamic and fun moves.  Ladies love a good spin and will be mighty impressed if you’ve got the moves thrill her!

Ladies – you’ll learn to art of multiple spins and turns, balance and great technique to be a super-stylish spinning diamond and stay upright during these dynamic moves!

 Suitable for anyone who is a competent Intermediate dancer.



Sizzle on the dance floor 

Get the most out of your own style potential.

To any ladies that want to improve your style ....just book!

·         Gain confidence using your spare arm and getting those hips into some serious action without feeling silly.

·         Technique and style to help you spin and turn better (even double spins!)

·         Learn how to do a body ripple or a whole body roll.

·         Hands, head, shoulders, feet, legs – we’ve got it all covered in this workshop!

·         Avoid style that doesn’t work.

·         Simple exercises to take away and practice in the comfort of your own bedroom mirror!

A few comments from the last workshop:

“What an absolute hoot of a day!  A brilliant workshop with all the girls and I can’t wait to try it all out now”

“I couldn’t believe you got me double spinning!”

“If I’ve got just 10% of Jo’s style by the end of this workshop it will be worth it!”

 Suitable for anyone.  As long as you’re a lady!

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